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Tots TV

Tots TV is a British children's television programme, produced by Ragdoll Productions and Central, which was broadcast as part of ITV's CITV children's time slot. It aired on 4 January 1993 and ended on 1 April 1998.

Summary Edit

The programme featured three ragdoll friends: Tilly, a French girl, with red hair, who speaks in basic French (changed to English in French broadcasts and Spanish in American), Tom, a blue-haired boy with glasses, and Tiny, the youngest Tot, who is smaller than the others and has green hair.

Trivia Edit

  • The series was filmed mainly in a wooded area in Warwickshire in a specially built house set. However a few specials were shot in America and Rovaniemi in Finland.
  • The house used for filming this series can still be visited today, albeit in a rundown state. It is close to the field which was once used as the filming location for The Teletubbies.

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