The Animal Shelf is a stop-motion series which aired in 1997. Here is Woeful the monkey, Gumpa the teddy bear, Little Mutt, Getup the giraffe and Stripey the zebra. The human boy is called Timothy and other characters are the moles, Squirrel and Kinker the mouse

  • Timothy is a boy who is the owner of the animals. He is never seen just his shadow. This is the same with all of the human characters apart from the pet shop owner
  • Gumpa is a bear who often acts as the leader of the group. He is quite lazy and enjoys sleeping
  • Woeful is a monkey who wears a red fez and coat. He often tells jokes which are often found rude by the other animals. He enjoys getting his own way and is quite bossy which sometimes annoys the other animals
  • Stripey is a woolen zebra and Getup's best friend. He seems to be quite wise. He and Getup are Timothy's oldest animals
  • Getup is a giraffe who often falls over and is close friends with Stripey. The material on her hooves is worn which means that she often loses stuffing through them. She speaks with a broad English accent
  • Little Mutt is a dog. He wears a pink bow and often ends up getting into difficult situations. He seems to be close friends with Gumpa. Some children may often mistaken Little Mutt as a girl due to the colour of the bow and his shrill voice