The Adventures of Grady Greenspace is a children's TV programme that was originally a French/Canadian programme called "Les Enquêtes de Chlorophylle" (roughly translated as "The Investigations of Chlorophylle"), which was co-produced by Damned Productions (Paris), la Société Française de Production, France 3, Productions Espace Vert (Montreal) and Logos Distribution and aired between 1992-1993.

The UK version was produced by Central Independent Television and aired on CITV in 1995.

The series was based on the character Chlorophylle created by Raymond Macherot and published by Dargaud and was about a group of environmentally aware creatures and their adventures.

The shows characters were a combination of around twelve puppets and a large number of live animals.



  • Grady Greenspace - The show's main protagonist. A black and white dormouse that solved environmental issues with the aid of his friends. Grady lived inside an old building and slept in a human's old slipper.
  • Radar - a bat and close friend of Grady.
  • Bulgy - a frog and close friend of Grady.
  • Scuzzy - The main antagonist of the series. Scuzzy was a black rat and leader of a group of animals called the Rafia or the "Creepy Crawlers", who were usually the cause of the problem that Grady was trying to solve.
  • Rhonda - A white rat that was the sister of Scuzzy. She was also Grady's love interest.

Live AnimalsEdit

  • The Council - A group of owls that Grady would often consult when he needed advice