Sergeant Major Zero is a character from the Gerry Anderson production, Terrahawks, and the leader of the zeroids. He is voiced by Windsor Davies and like all zeroids, has lights which substitute as lips. His top light flashes when he is frowning, and his bottom light flashes when he is smiling.

Zero and the other Terrahawks presented Children's ITV in October 1984, Zero being the one responsible for introducing the premiere of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.


9 October

Sergeant Major Zero: And now, viewers, it is my great pleasure to introduce you to a great new Children's ITV series! For the first time on television, the stories of Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends! Take it away, boys.

16 October

Sergeant Major Zero: Hello, you lovely lot out there. Now you all know where coal comes from, don't you? But…if you want to know where to get the best steam coal, Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends can point you along the right lines. Get it? *chuckles*

23 October

Sergeant Major Zero: Hello again. We's not movin' at the moment because of a power failure. I remember the days when all you needed was a shovel and some coal. You could say…we's gone right off the rails.

30 October

Captain Mary Falconer: Do you know something we don't?
Dr. “Tiger” Ninestein: Uh-huh. Now it's time for Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends.