Prove It! is an English educational children's TV series presented by Joe Challands and Jamie Rickers. It is an entertainment programme focusing on the illustration of scientific facts, while raising the question (only sometimes answered in the affirmative) of whether a certain claim can be empirically verified. The programme can usually be seen on the CITV. Regular segments include the 60 Second Prove It!, where a presenter attempts to perform a task in 60 seconds to prove it is possible, Fred's Shed where Fred Talbot shows how to use simple home items to perform various fun and interesting experiments and U Prove It, where viewers demonstrate their unusual skills.The TV series ran from 2005 to 2012 and was last broadcasted on the Get Stuck In slot at lunchtime weekends.

Prove It! is an original format by GeronimoTV and was co-produced with STV Productions (then known as "SMG Productions").

Cast: Jo Challands,Jamie Rickers and Fred Tablot

Disturber: STV Productions,GeronimoTV

Original Release: January 5 2005-May 27 2012