Grotbags was a children's television programme which ran for three series between 1991 and 1993 about a fictional witch named Grotbags, a spin-off of Emu's World. Very much in the mould of the traditional pantomime villain, Grotbags was played by actress, singer and comedian Carol Lee Scott in a costume comprising vivid green make-up and wig and a witch's cape and hat. Each episode co-starred Francis Wright and Richard Coombs in multiple puppet roles.


The character Grotbags originally appeared in the Rod Hull television show Emu's World in 1982, and she remained the principal 'baddie' throughout the rest of the decade in the programme's various other incarnations (Emu's All Live Pink Windmill Show, Emu's Wide World, and 1989's EMU-TV), plus the subsequent animated series Rod 'n' Emu. In 1991, Central TV awarded Grotbags her own solo spin-off, which was created by Carol Lee Scott and puppeteer Richard Coombs, written by Bob Hescott, and directed by Colin Clews.