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Dream Street is a television series which aired from 1999 on CITV. The show was narrated by Russ Abbot. The show featured talking vehicles. It also aired on Nick Jr from 2002

The show was set in a book resting on the bedside table of a playroom during the night whilst the child is asleep. The room also includes an element of Dream Street and within it is a teddy bear clock

In 2002 It Showed After Tiny Planets.

Characters Edit

  • Buddy - a pickup truck with various removable accessories, and the main character of the show. He seems to be best friends with Daisy. He loves to help out his friends with magic. He is voiced by Charlotte Bellamy
  • Daisy Do Right - a cute police car. She works with the police and does not like her policemen asleep on patrol. She is voiced by Charlotte Bellamy
  • Half Pint - a small and shy milk float. He loves sleeping in the dark. He is voiced by Emma Tate
  • Hot Rodney - a brash and reckless hot rod car. In the series, he is very naughty. He is voiced by Chris Jarvis
  • Hot Air - a strange 3-wheeled vehicle "bug" resembling a vacuum cleaner or an industrial compressor, and communicates sounds of a whoopee cushion. He is very naughty just like Hot Rodney
  • Jack Hammer - a mischievous pneumatic drill. He is voiced by Dave Benson Phillips
  • The Wild Bunch - a group of traffic cones which like to cause trouble
  • Ice Cool - an ice cream van who likes to help out serve ice creams to his friends. He is voiced by Dave Benson Phillips
  • The Sleeping Policemen - pedestrian crossings literally consisting of slumbering constables covered with striped blankets. Their names are PC Snooze, PC Snore and PC Nodoff. They are voiced by Russ Abbott.
  • The Gossips - a pair of traffic lights who like to gossip and talk and they are named Amber and Scarlet. They are voiced by Chris Jarvis.
  • Tech - a mechanical robot whose magical powers enable Buddy to take on different roles. His catchphrases are What's The Time, Buddy? and On Line And Feeling Fine!. He is voiced by Russ Abbott
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