Dog and Duck VHS

Dog and Duck is a British children's television show that was broadcast on CITV between 1999 and 2001.

Dog and Duck was produced by United Productions, later part of the UNM Group. The show centers on the characters of Dog and Duck, two toys who came alive when their owners were not looking. Other characters in the series included Piano, Tele and Elephant. The show featured a young Carrie Hope Fletcher as Jenny. The series was produced by Tracey Mulcrone and directed by Bob Harvey, with animation from Animated Extras. Josie Lawrence and James Fleet were the voices of Dog and Duck.

While never unpopular, there were almost 200 episodes made, this show has become a tad forgotten. This is probably due to its rather short run in the early 2000s. Only one VHS of 12 episodes has been released, quite late into the VHS' lifetime when they'd soon become obsolete and there have been no DVD releases either.