Welcome to the CITV Universe Network! This network is a collection of individual CITV related wiki which are linked together in order to make them all much more visible and easy to find, which will attract more visitors and editors.

This wiki acts as the central node, with this page being a list of all discovered wiki sites so that people can find even the smallest of wiki. Each individual wiki will hopefully use the CITV template on their home page which in turn will like more people back to here!

How to use Edit

  1. Find a show from the list below and click to visit the show page.
  2. Click the hyperlink in the Blue bar at the top of the show page to be taken to the Wiki.

How to add Edit

To add add wiki site that isn't already on this list you need to first create a show page for that wiki on here and then add it to this category. Make sure to provide a link to the wiki on your new show page.

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